Modern accounting, old-fashioned service

Introducing Sophisticated Accounting

I’m Sophie Phipps, the brains behind Sophisticated Accounting. My approach to accounting is a bit different – here’s what it means for my clients.

My background

As a registered accountant, I built my experience over 7 years in traditional accounting firms. I loved the work, but some of the principles and strategies entrenched in the industry didn’t seem to work for the modern world.

I knew things could be different – so I took a leap of faith and founded my own company in 2019. Now, I’m working with dozens of small to medium businesses, providing full accounting and bookkeeping services along with business support.

Seamless, stress-free service

For me, accounting isn’t just about ticking the financial boxes – it can help you unlock the potential in your business and reach your long-term goals.

My approach takes the pressure and stress out of managing your accounts without taking you out of the loop. After all, you need a deep understanding of your business finances if you want to drive growth.

I keep communication open and strive to make everything from tax codes to cash flow crystal clear, even if numbers are not your forte.

Future-focused, results-driven

I’m a big advocate of accounting technology so I’m always on the lookout for new tools and software solutions.

It’s all about results – if a piece of technology can do the job more quickly or more effectively, why not use it? The tech-friendly approach helps me offer a wide range of services without the high price tag.

​Let’s work together

There’s nothing more satisfying than turning a complex tangle of financial information into a clear path forward. It’s what I love most about working one-on-one with my clients.

I’d love to help your business too. Get in touch to set up a meeting and we’ll talk through your accounting needs.

"Absolutely great service very fast and helpful! Would highly recommend!"
- Jack Steff

"Sophie is an amazing accountant and has always gone above and beyond with her services!"
- Bailey Eden